Ondalunga is a sports association that develops projects of aggregation through sport and physical activity with the aim of promoting the idea of ​​ “conscious travel” and protection of the eviroment. It operates nationally and internationally to raise awareness on environmental education, eco-hiking and eco-psychology.

Ondalunga comes from far away! Born from the passion for the adventure of a small group of travelers and sailors who return home with a wealth of experience in the seas of the world, very far from the Gulf borders.

Adventure as a discovery of Nature and knowledge of one’s limits and still as awakening of the senses to the contact of wild elements. Adventure as a sensible travel ideal, as listening to the world around to refine the Mind-Body balance, totally respecting the landscape, learning to know the smallest nuances and sounds.

The boat as a shelter in movement, as a school of life and thought where to acquire and refine technical skills and where to stimulate self-knowledge.

Join us if you want to adventure, if you feel the call of extreme nature, a crossing or a swim in the open sea, an excursion to the summit of a wild mountain, the pleasure of life on board, the Trekking combined with sailing.

Subscribe (membership fee € 15) and participate in our activities!

If you want further information send us an email.